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Universal Rocket Platforms - the project started in 2009 as a hobby, grew into a research and design work on the development of rockets for scientific purposes.


Our project has to determine the most efficient scheme for the organization of private space activities in Russia.


Business result should be:

- Our own manufacture of sounding rockets;

- Orbital vehicle payload of 30 kg (2017-2019 year);

- Some elements of civil space rocket technology (hybrid engines, composite parts, control systems, ground-based monitoring.


We're different because:

1. We have established our own production for the project. We own a lathe, milling machines, presses, welding, aluminum casting, the site working with composite materials (winding machine, the machine isostatic pressing, autoclave). Partners - electrical production.

2. We have created a test equipment for engines and otherrockets ellements  - test stand for rocket engine with a thrust of 50 to 5000N, hydrotesting pressure chamber, electrical laboratory, vacuum chamber.

3. Team - professional electronic engineers, chemists, engineers, designers, material science, turner, miller, lawyer.

In addition to technical purposes, we considered important to create an episode for the audience to stimulate the interest of domestic innovation in the field of space activities and the involvement of young professionals in the industry.


The most technologically advanced civil rocket project in Russia.
Some of the most powerful amateur Hybrid rocket engines and rockets in the World.
2013 - We get the official SPACE border.


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