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The "Shot" hybrid motor

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     Shot-1 is the first engine developed by our team.

     It is on this engine are fulfilled all the new designs, starting from the end of 2011. There was no failure of the ignition system or structural failure during 80 fire test.

     The engine is arranged to "split" scheme. The combustion chamber and oxidizer tank is detachable elements.

     As an oxidizer tank used certified aluminum cylinder volume 266, 414, 591 cm-3 with a working pressure of 150 kg / cm 2.

     Refilling through needle valve high pressure by the N2O pump.

     The combustion chamber is made of alluminium tube. Mounting the nozzle block, injector head - circlips. Calculated safety factor attachment -1.7.

     Injection head has a built -pyro valve. Tested two types of valves: 1) with a breakthrough membrane, 2) a dynamic piston. Speed ​​to the regime from the power supply to the ignitor - 0.1-0.3 sec. breakthrough in the version of the membrane and 0.5-1 sec with a dynamic valve.

     The comparison of the above structures pyro valve, we came to the conclusion that the feasibility of a second (with dynamic piston) is more scalable and more reliable designs.

     Ignition system allows you to run the engine with the "one-button", as the touch activated oxidizer pyro-valve and ignited the fue at once.

     The starting block of compressed black powder with an excess of carbon and nitrocellulose binder. The design of the ignition system is not sensitive to the composition of starting checkers. We applied solid fuel, but chose the black powder, as a more accessible. It is important that saber did not explode from the compressive force, and burned at least 1 second. To do this, we add an additional 30% of coal.









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